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Why we do this

MCJ Partners is a consulting duo with a clear goal: help independent insurance agencies who want to work better, so they can focus on what drives their success. 

MCJ brings real-world experience across Finance and Operations, to address the crucial needs of today's agency owners and their teams. We fill roles, create solutions, manage projects, and document how your agency works - so you can identify and seize the best opportunities for growth.

Craig's analytical skills and MC's passion for operations joined in cosmic synergy to form a balanced approach to our work.  We share this energy with all of our Partners, because what we love most is helping people thrive.

Please get in touch, follow along, and keep us in mind.

We look forward to working together!

About Us

Meet The Team

Yes, we got married in 2021 and these glamour shots are from our wedding

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Mary Clare McGraw

I'm the operations guru that loves writing playbooks so everyone can do their job!

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Craig Arruda

I'm the financial analyst who loves to make the numbers tell a story so we can work smarter!

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Meet the Team


These are just some of our favorites! We can help clients in any industry but we specialize in working with independent insurance agents.





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Our Services

MCJ has signed the Insure Equality Pledge to demonstrate our commitment creating cultural change within the insurance industry 

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We'd love to hear from you

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