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Another past Newsletter: May 2023 - Mental Health Awareness Month - Employee Wellness


This was emailed out on May 3rd, 2023 to my subscribers at the time.

Hi there, Did you know that May is Mental Health Awareness Month? While this is not a virtual soapbox about how important it is to prioritize mental health, it is a newsletter chock full of resources I find helpful, so this month I am sharing about Impact Suite, a mental health partner for organizations who want to offer a resource to their employees and their family members, for an overhead investment of less than $10 per employee per month, record scratch. Yes. That's right, keep reading!

Employee Assistance Programs are usually only available through large organizations, but it's 2023 and we are demanding better.

Tony Cañas of Insurance Nerds recently sat down for a special conversation with, Clay Olson, the Founder & CEO of Impact Suite about how offering mental health resources as an employee benefit is no longer a luxury, but a necessity. Gen Z is demanding more from employers and Impact Suite offers an accessible solution including on-demand self-care and prevention apps, access to teletherapy, mental health coaching, and 24/7 crisis support.

An independent study of Impact Suite's data by the University of Alberta and Utah State University found:

  • On average, Impact Suite users are decreasing their symptoms of depression and anxiety by about 25%

  • 90% of individuals using Impact Suite felt they had the tools to reach long lasting healing

  • Every $1 spent on Impact Suite resulted in a $5 return on investment for employers when factoring in medical spend, productivity, turnover, & absenteeism

If you or someone you know are interested in Impact Suite as a potential benefit for your organization, make sure to use the link below to book your demo call to receive a special discounted rate only available to friends of Insure Equality.

I will also drop this nugget on the way out: A free resource for individuals. Have you ever checked out the Insight Timer app? I can't recommend it enough if you are considering adding some meditation into your life. As an avid daily meditator, I can't think of a better way to get started. There are thousands of free meditations for every possible scenario you could imagine.

Here is one of my favorites: Pre-Meeting Check-In (3 min)

Start your meetings with presence. Increase your effectiveness and get more out of your time together. This is a quick and simple mindfulness practice designed to help you live your life with more presence, wellbeing and ease. Effortlessly weave this practice into your busy working day. Try it out with your teams, try it out for yourself.



Watch the interview with Impact Suite

Impact Suite offers digital tools for small businesses to support employee mental health and promote resilience. From mindfulness to crisis support, Impact Suite will help your team members take charge of their mental wellbeing and stay connected, motivated, and open to change.

Schedule a demo with Impact Suite as a partner of IE

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